Church to close its schools, clubs for two weeks over virus concerns but services to continue


The Holy Synod on Wednesday issued a statement determining that it will close Sunday schools and youth clubs as well as church-run creches for two weeks – from March 11 to 29 – in response to the spread of the coronavirus, adding however that churches will remain open and services continue. 

Apart from Sunday schools, creches and youth clubs, the Church will also suspend all excursions and events planned under its auspics over the next weeks, the Holy Synod's statement said. 

As for its food handouts, it said these will no longer be served at venues, as has been the case to date, but distributed in packages. 

It added that it supported all decisions by state organizations relating to the necessary measures required to protect public health. 

However it said it had reconfirmed its decision for the "unhindered" operation of churches and of all services, without specifying that of holy communion, where wine soaked in bread (symbolizing Christ's blood and flesh) is served to church-goers from the same spoon.