Police brought out in Thessaloniki push self-isolation effort


Municipal and state police officers have been thrown into the effort to convince hundreds of contrary residents in the northern port city of Thessaloniki to abide by health regulations calling for self-isolation amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Officers from the Thessaloniki Municipal Police, the Greek Police (ELAS) and the DIAS motorcycle squad have been on patrol since Tuesday evening along the city’s popular waterfront promenade, where hundreds of Thessalonians have been seen walking, jogging and hanging out since last weekend, despite repeated government pleas for citizens to stay indoors and avoid gathering in large numbers.

The officers have been ordered to advise citizens to return home, stressing the risks of their behavior to themselves and others.

Thessalonians have also been flouting the municipality’s closure of open-air sports facilities like basketball and volleyball courts, gathering in groups to play and get some exercise, the Athens-Macedonian News Agency reported, adding that the police crackdown has been extended to these areas as well.