Requests to break curfew ranged between 1.3-1.8 mln per day in March 23-26


The number of text messages sent by people in Greece who want to leave their houses during the lockdown measures put in place to halt the spread of the new coronavirus ranged between 1.3 and 1.8 million per day from March 23, when the system was introduced, to March 26, authorities said.

The numbers do not include messages that were either in the wrong format or rejected.

People who want to leave their homes during the curfew for one of six reasons must send an SMS (text message) to 13033, free of charge, and receive a reply before venturing out with their cellphones and ID, otherwise they riske a 150-euro fine.

The reasons include viiting a pharmacy or doctor, visiting the supermarket or other grocery stores, the bank, helping people in need, attending a funeral or outdoor exercise, walking a dog.

The lockdown was introduced on March 23.