Hundreds of social distancing violations recorded in one day


The Hellenic Police (ELAS) recorded more than 1,900 violations of social distancing measures in just one day, it said on Thursday.

During nationwide inspections on Wednesday on individuals flouting regulations for stemming public circulation amid the coronavirus epidemic, ELAS officers reported a total of 1,916 violations.

The majority of 824 were in Attica, 140 were in the Ionian Islands, 139 in Crete, 137 in Thessaloniki, 131 in Western Greece and 108 in the Peloponnese.

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace had 79 violations, Thessaly had 72, the Southern Aegean 69, Central Greece 56, Epirus 35 and the Northern Aegean 34. The smallest number was reported in Western Macedonia, which had seven.

Since the start of the lockdown on public circulation on March 23, ELAS has issued 15,111 fines for violations.

Since the start of the lockdown on businesses like cafes, restaurants, bars, retail stores, etc., which went into effect on March 12, ELAS has reported 320 violations and made 328 arrests.