Cyprus coronavirus patient breaks quarantine in search of meds


Health officials in Cyprus were perturbed over an incident when a self-quarantined man infected with the Covid-19 disease went out to local pharmacies in search of chloroquine, an existing drug that is still open to debate around the world.

According to local media, an adult male who tested positive for the novel coronavirus and was ordered to stay in self isolation, went to see a doctor to ask for a medical prescription of chloroquine.

After the doctor refused, citing state-imposed restrictions on the prescription of the drug, the patient reportedly took it upon himself to locate a pharmacy to buy the immunosuppressive drug.

A health official, who spoke on state radio on Friday morning, condemned the patient’s behaviour, saying it was “completely unacceptable.”

“These medical drugs are not available over the counter, they are provided only with a doctor’s prescription and can only be delivered at home by state health services,” the official said. [Kathimerini Cyprus]