Bishop of Corfu to face trial on May 25 after illegal service


Bishop Nektarios of Corfu is to face trial on May 25 after holding a church service on the island on Saturday in contravention of a ban on church service imposed by the government as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Local prosecutor Dioynsios Lambridis set the trial date on Monday after the bishop visited him to provide his defense. 

The mayor of central Corfu, Meropi Ydraiou and the head of the municipal council Dimitris Metallinos were to face the same prosecutor. 

They are both alleged to have also attended the service at the Aghios Spyridon church in Corfu Town on Saturday. 

Three people who attended the service – two men and a woman – were reportedly given holy communion, despite the particularly high risk the ritual poses for the spread of the virus.