Tsipras accuses gov’t of using pandemic to rush through legislation


Main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday accused the government is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to pass legislation without due scrutiny and walked out of a parliamentary debate on an environmental bill.

Tsipras reacted to the government’s intention to allow the use of remote voting by MPs for this bill to avoid having a large number of lawmakers in the House.

"The parliament cannot possibly vote remotely when main opposition parties request a roll-call vote," he said during the debate.

The head of SYRIZA also told lawmakers that the government has announced its intention to bring 26 legislative acts to parliament over the next three months, when the plenum will not be holding regular sessions or plenaries, due to the coronavirus restrictions.

"I have the feeling that the government intends to turn an exceptional situation, created by the pandemic, into a normal one," Tsipras said and walked out of the room, along with his lawmakers.