Woman arrested for May 1 murder of boyfriend, suspected anarchist leader


Police on Thursday announced the arrest of a 39-year-old woman over the alleged murder of her boyfriend – reportedly a suspected anarchist leader – also aged 39, in the eastern Athens suburb of Kaisariani on May 1.

The victim’s death was initially ruled an accident, though an autopsy later revealed that his injuries were the result of being stabbed several times with a sharp object.

According to Thursday’s police announcement, the 39-year-old woman confessed to having gotten into a violent argument with her boyfriend but claimed that he had been holding the knife when their altercation became physical.

A search of the couple’s apartment resulted in the seizure of 10 knives, a can of pepper spray, another spray can of an unidentified substance and an unspecified quantity of marijuana.

Greek media were reporting that the victim has been identified as a key member of the self-styled anarchist group Rouvikonas (Rubicon in Greek).