Stores selling clothes, cosmetics, home appliances reopening on May 11


Deputy Development and Investments Minister Nikos Papathanassis on Friday announced a second wave of loosened restrictions in business activity as of May 11, that includes stores selling clothing, home appliances and cosmetics.

Retail stores reopening on Monday, May 11, include those selling sound and image equipment, textile products, ironworks, house paint, glass, rugs, electrical appliances, furniture, music, toys, clothing and shoes, cosmetics and jewellery.

Speaking at the daily briefing on coronavirus developments, Papathanassis also announced later opening hours for most stores, restrictions in customers served at any one time, and recommendations about elevator use.

Other shops opening on May 11 include those renting sports and leisure equipment, personal or home equipment, retail businesses with outdoor stands, driving schools, betting stores, and diet services.