Four die in Loutraki cave tragedy


Authorities in the seaside resort of Loutraki are investigating the circumstances that led to the deaths of four people who were found dead in a cave in the area of Ano Karbounari on Saturday.

According to local reports, the four men were aged between 34 and 65 and had a portable generator with them. In comments to Skai, the mayor of Loutraki, Giorgos Gionis, ruled out the scenario that the men had gone on a climbing expedition in the area.

The local website, Loutraki365, said the wife of one of the four men alerted the authorities after they failed to return home. She is believed to have driven them to the spot as no vehicle was found nearby by police. A team of 21 firefighters with five engines was dispatched to the scene to retrieve the bodies.

A likely explanation for the tragedy is that the men had ventured into the cave, believed to be a former German World War II shelter, in a quest for hidden loot and used homemade explosives to blow a hole into the rock