Greeks less anxious about pandemic, new poll shows, giving ND 19.5% lead


Greeks appear less worried about the coronavirus pandemic than they were in April, according to a poll by Pulse on behalf of Skai TV.

More specifically, the number of those that are quite anxious dropped to 44 percent in June, compared to 78 percent in April and 63 percent in May. The poll showed that, currently, 27 percent are moderately anxious, while 20 percent said they were a little anxious or not at all.

With regard to the financial measures taken to tackle the impact of the pandemic, 54 percent said they are in the right direction, with another 18 percent said they certainly are and 36 percent saying they are most probably in the right direction.

Ruling New Democracy maintains a steady lead in terms of who people would vote for if a general election was to be held now, with 42.5 percent (the same as on May 4-6), while SYRIZA increased its share by one point to 23 percent.