Woman arrested in Pieria for defrauding senior


​Police uncovered one case of fraud and another of attempted fraud against seniors in Pieria in northern Greece on Saturday. 

According to the investigation, a woman and her accomplice called an elderly woman while pretending to be bank employees on June 16 and claimed that they would mediate in the attainment of 42,000 euros that she was entitled to from the benefits of a relative. In exchange they extracted an undisclosed amount from their victim.

Using the same scam, the perpetrators called an elderly man two days later and tried to extract 8,800 euros from him, ostensibly to help him obtain a retroactive amount from his pension to the tune of 28,000 euros. 

A case has been filed against the woman for the crimes of fraud and attempted fraud, while police are seeking to to identify her accomplice, as well as their possible participation in other criminal acts.