Turkish Navtex: Signs of de-escalation, but Greece on alert until Aug 2


The situation in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean appears to be de-escalating, as Turkish warships are returning to their bases, according to the latest information.

Greece is evaluating the latest Turkish moves, but remains vigilant, officials say

Navtex 977/20, the navigational warning issued by Turkey about search for oil and gas south and east of the island of Kastellorizo, an area part of which Greece regards as within its continental shelf, is still in force; it expires on August 2.

For a few hours Saturday, confusion reigned when the Turkish embassy in Washington tweeted that research vessel Oruc Reis had began exploring for oil and gas.

In the end the embassy deleted the tweet, replacing it with one saying that the ship had announced its seismic survey on July 21.

Oruc Reis remains anchored near Antalya, Turkey.