Thessaloniki’s bike lane completed


Work on a three-kilometer, two-way bike path along Thessaloniki’s central Karamanli Avenue was completed and handed over to cyclists on Friday, a local official said.

The project was completed in about two weeks as part of an effort to facilitate commuting in the city and decongest busses amid a pandemic.

“During all this time where there was criticism about Karamanli [avenue], the bicycle lane had not been handed over to traffic. Measures have been taken and there will be improvements in cooperation with residents and entrepreneurs,”

I understand that some will lose their comfort, but let's give a chance to the citizens who do not have a car. to travel and do not want to use the city bus due to the coronavirus ", said Dimitris Mitrou, the mayor’s technical advisor for issues of sustainable mobility, speaking to state-run radio station Praktorio FM.

Mitrou said this project is an opportunity to allow locals who don’t have a car to move around the city and avoid the bus.