Merkel: All EU countries have an obligation to support Greece


All European Union countries have an obligation to support Greece, German Chancellor Anegla Merkel said on the Eastern Mediterranean dispute.

The comment was made during an annual press conference in Berlin.

Merkel said she has discussed the issue extensively with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking ahead of an informal meeting of the EU’s foreign ministers in Berlin earlier Friday, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called for European sanctions on Turkey.

“I am waiting with great interest for Josep Borrell’s announcement on the options for sanctions on Turkey,” Dendias said of the EU’s foreign policy chief.

“We consider this an absolute necessity in order to achieve a de-escalation in the Mediterranean,” he said.

However, Germany is reportedly concerned that imposing sanctions on Turkey would undermine efforts to reach an understanding with Ankara.

Many EU governments seem to believe that putting pressure on Turkey will only harden its stance, a source told Kathimerini.

“This makes it difficult to impose sanctions,” the source said.