US, Greece share common strategic objectives, says Pyatt


The US and Greece share common strategic objectives, America’s ambassador to Athens Geoffrey R. Pyatt has said, while hailing the country’s role in containing Russian and Chinese influence in the region.

“Our enhanced relationship with Greece is based on common goals and a considered strategy that recognizes the return of great power competition to the Eastern Mediterranean,” Pyatt said in an interview with Real News on Sunday, adding that bilateral relations were “at a historic, all-time high.”

“Greece is a pillar of stability and a key NATO ally when it comes to halting expanding Russian and Chinese influence in an increasingly complicated strategic environment,” Pyatt said.

“We are pulling together all the strands of American power to face these challenges and to advance our shared defense and security goals,” he said, referring to the bilateral Strategic Dialogue and the updated Mutual Defense and Cooperation Agreement between the two countries.

The ambassador referred to the 3+1 Dialogue with Greece, Israel, and Cyprus, as well as the East Med Act, as good examples of America’s new strategy.