Greece hoping for more ‘tangible’ signs from Turkey, says FM


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that European Union colleagues meeting in Brussels on Monday hailed recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean but agreed that Turkey will have to provide more “tangible examples” of a shift toward easing tension with Greece and Cyprus.

“The Council recognized that the departure of the Oruc Reis is a positive sign, but it is an initial sign. Turkey will have to provide many more tangible examples of respect for international law,” Dendias said in comments following a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Monday, referring to the departure from the Greek continental shelf last week of the Turkish seismic survey vessel.

Dendias indicated that no discussions were held on possible sanctions against Turkey in the context of Monday’s meeting, as developments in the Eastern Mediterranean are expected to top the agenda at an EU Council summit on Thursday and Friday.

“The matter will be discussed again by the heads of state and government at the meeting of the European Council, so that we can conclude on the direction to take in EU-Turkey relations,” Dendias said.

“We hope that by then Turkey will have provided – I repeat – tangible indications of its respect for international law,” he added