Greece finds draft of EU summit conclusions unacceptable


Greece finds the draft of the conclusions of the European Union summit currently taking place in Brussels unacceptable, sources have told Kathimerini.

According to the same sources, the Greek disagreement concerns the issue of Turkey, as the text does not say specifically that sanctions will be introduced against Turkey if Ankara does not display a willingness to de-escalate tensions.

In comments made ahead of the summit, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos said the EU was faced with two possible options.

“One is the path of dialogue, of diplomacy – a dialogue that must be based on respect for international law, on refraining from unilateral actions and on the rules of good neighborly relations,” he said.

“The alternative path is that of escalating tension, which will inevitably, sooner or later, make Europe take measures against Turkey,” Mitsotakis said.