Greece entered second wave of pandemic in early August, says health expert


Greece entered the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic during the first 10 days of August, a member of the government’s advisory committee on the virus said during a televised briefing on Tuesday.

Gkikas Magiorkinis, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Athens University, said that new confirmed cases ranged between 200 and 400 on most days of the last month, with a mild rising tendency.

There are currently 98 patients in ICU for COVID-19, of which 87 are intubated, he said.

The health system is feeling the pressure of the gradual increase in intubated patients, who currently have passed the 80 mark.

Most of the virus load continues to be recorded in the region of Attica, which accounts for over 50 pct of all new cases nationally on a daily basis.

However the increase in new infections seems to be gradual. “We have not yet seen an upward trend that will worry us, we have a slow growth rate at the moment,” he said.

The epidemiologist warned that an increase of contagion is expected in the coming winter, with more people spending time indoors.