Pavlos Fyssas murderer claims remorse to appeal for smaller sentence


The murderer of Pavlos Fyssas who was found guilty on Wednesday in the trial against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has appealed for a smaller sentence on the grounds that he feels “sincere remorse” for stabbing the 34-year-old musician to death.

Giorgos Roupakias also asked judges to take into consideration his clean criminal record before the September 2013 killing as they prepare to punish him for the crime of premeditated murder, which carries a life sentence.

Addressing the court, Roupakias’ lawyer said his client has been “demonized” by the media and has been unable to leave his 50 square meter house for the four-and-a-half years since he was released from pretrial custody.

The court called a brief recess, after which judges will be hearing from the lawyers for the other 67 defendants found guilty in the landmark trial against the neo-Nazi party before they deliver sentences later this week or by Monday at the latest.