Prosecutor proses 13 years for GD leadership, life for musician’s killer


A Greek prosecutor on Tuesday proposed 13 years in prison for the core leadership of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn (GD) party and life imprisonment for the man convicted for the murder of musician Pavlos Fyssas.

The proposals followed a two-day court discussion involving the lawyers for the defence who argued for more lenient sentences.

Prosecutor Adamandia Economou also suggested six to eight years in prison for the accomplices in Fyssas’ murder, seven years to other former GD lawmakers, or five for the four former MPs for whom the court accepted reasons for leniency.

Concerning the violent attack against the Egyptian fishermen, the prosecutor suggested seven to ten years for those involved.

Defense lawyers are now expected to offer counterarguments to the proposals and then the court will decide on the final sentences, either later on Tuesday or on Wednesday.