Christos Pappas, Golden Dawn No. 2, still at large


Police are seeking the number two in Golden Dawn’s leadership, Christos Pappas, who remained at large late last night, as convicted former MPs and members of the neo-Nazi party were transferred to prison. 

Pappas had checked in with his local police station in the northern Athens suburb of Papagou on October 1, as he was obliged to do, but has not been seen since then.

Following the October 7 verdict deeming GD a criminal organization, police had put the party’s leadership under surveillance. But Pappas could not be traced. 

On Thursday, after the court ruled that the party’s leaders will have to see out their terms in prison, police raided Pappas’ home and those of relatives in western Attica and in Ioannina in northwestern Greece. 

Leftist SYRIZA slammed the Citizens’ Protection Ministry, noting that “it should have known where the leaders of Golden Dawn were.”