Prison weapons found at Korydallos and Hania


Prison officials at the Korydallos maximum-security facility in western Athens and the Hania detention center on the island of Crete found and seized an assortment of illegal items, including knives and makeshift spikes and shivs, authorities said on Monday.

More specifically, the search in a store room on a Korydallos prison wing yielded, among a long list of items, knives, improvised razors, a staple gun and various tools (a file, hammer, chisels, screwdrivers) as well as two mobile phones.

The search of the Hania prison was carried out in a total of 100 cells and in auxiliary and public areas.

Prison officials found, among other things, 19 improvised knives and shivs, 12 mobile phones and 80 liters of homemade alcohol.

The competent prosecutors and the local police authorities are conducting a preliminary investigation while disciplinary proceedings are also in progress.