Food stores, gas stations, pharmacies on list of businesses to stay open


Greek authorities on Thursday published a list of the businesses that will be allowed to continue working during the three-week lockdown announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis earlier in the day, effective as of 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Under the restrictions – aimed at curbing a steep rise in coronavirus infections – supermarkets, bakeries, fishmongers and other food stores will continue to operate according to their regular opening hours, throughout the three-week lockdown.

Pharmacies, gas stations, kiosks, dry cleaners and pet shops will also continue to operate as usual, as will retailers operating electronic stores with a delivery service.

Weekly neighborhood street markets (laiki) will proceed as usual, though the number of stalls will be slashed by half and will have to maintain a distance of at least 5 meters from one another.

Stores selling eyewear and hearing aids can receive customers by appointment only, while businesses selling electronic devices and services – such as telephone and internet providers or electronic retailers – will be able to operate, though only electronically via their e-shops or websites.

Restaurants can provide takeaway or drive-through services.

The government is also allowing hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons to stay open through Sunday, November 8.

Supermarkets and other food stores will be allowed to open on Sunday, November 15, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.