Debt activist Sorras released from jail after serving part of sentence


Self-professed billionaire Artemis Sorras who was convicted to six years in jail for fraud was released from prison on Friday, after serving 2 years and five months (three fifths) of his sentence.

The decision was taken by a judicial council which accepted his petition for release from the penitentiary of Halkida, but imposed restrictions on his movement.

Sorras, the founder of the ultranationalist fringe part Convention of Greeks, was convicted in December 2019 for attempting to defraud the state of billions of euros by claiming to be able to pay off the country’s national debt in exchange for low-rate returns and bonds as collateral.

He had also spent 18 months in pretrial detention.

Prior to his run-in with the law, he had encouraged Greek citizens not to pay their tax and social security dues.

The impact of his campaign on state coffers remains unclear, though authorities have found thousands of “Sorras payment slips” at Greek tax offices.