Signs of lowering infections in urban centers, but situation remains critical, says health expert


The number of new SARS-CoV-2 infections in Greece appear to be declining but compliance with health measures is crucial to further improve the situation, epidemiologist Gikas Magiorkinis told a daily press briefing on the pandemic on Monday.

Magiorkinis, member of the Health ministry's experts committee on the novel coronavirus, said that the rate of tests coming out positive also appears to be lowering by around 50 pct, compared to last Monday.

"This drop is particularly notable in large urban centers – Attica and Thessaloniki regions – which suggests there is a margin to improve compliance with restriction measures in the rest of Greece," he said.

He warned however that the viral load is "extremely heavy in northern Greece, particularly Thessaloniki," and other northern cities, as well as Thessaly, in central Greece.

"Last week, Attica showed clear signs of small improvement, and Thessaloniki did as well, but it's too early to reach safe conclusions," he continued, adding that observing health measures is necessary for the eventual lifting of the lockdown, "whenever that happens."