Turkey issues Navtex for firing exercise between Rhodes and Kastellorizo


Turkish authorities on Friday issued a navigational for firing exercises in the Mediterranean, in an area between the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kastellorizo.

The Navtex reserves the area for December 9 and 10, which will coincide with a European Council summit on December 10 and 11 during which possible sanctions against Ankara will be discussed.

Friday’s navigational telex came just hours European Council President chided Turkey for its actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, saying that its game of “cat-and-mouse” must end, but also after American lawmakers agreed on draft legislation that would compel the US administration to take sanctions against Turkey over its purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense system.

It also comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Turkey was undermining NATO’s security and creating instability in the Eastern Mediterranean.