Mitsotakis: Turkey must give up ‘provocative behavior’ or be hit with sanctions


EU leaders have sent a strict warning to Turkey over its drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Friday, adding that the country is certain to face sanctions unless it gives up its “provocative behavior.”

Mitsotakis was speaking during a press conference after the bloc’s leaders agreed on Thursday to prepare limited sanctions on Turkish individuals over an energy exploration dispute with Greece and Cyprus, postponing any harsher steps until March.

“Sanctions [against Turkey] are not an end in itself,” Mitsotakis said, however adding that the EU will respond with penalties “if Turkey insists on continuing with this provocative behavior.”

“Turkey is expected to change its ways and it has been understood that Europe is moving, if at its own pace, it is united, it supports Greece and Cyprus, it is present,” he said.