Police issue 1,668 fines for Covid non-compliance on New Year’s Eve


As part of ongoing efforts to ensure that safety protocols are being adhered to, the Hellenic Police (ELAS) said on Friday that it had conducted a total of 77,940 inspections around the country on New Year’s Eve and recorded 1,668 violations, for failure to wear a mask or observe physical distancing.

Police said 9,247 of the inspections were conducted at Athens International Airport.

Officers also recorded eight infringements of safety regulations by private businesses. Five people were detained in Volos in central Greece.

On Thursday, Health authorities announced 932 new coronavirus cases, as well as 50 deaths. They said 438 patients were on ventilators.

The total number of confirmed infections since the start of the pandemic was 138,850, with 4,838 fatalities.