Council of State rules against Parnitha casino move to Maroussi


The Municipality of Halandri in northern Athens has hailed the ruling by the Council of State against the transfer of the Parnitha casino to the nearby suburb of Maroussi (at the Dilaveri estate) as a major victory.

The decision was taken after a plenary session of the country’s highest administrative court annulled a decision of the Central Council of Urban Affairs and Disputes that approved the casino’s transfer.

The decision, the municipality noted, has stopped in its tracks a plan that would have “unbearable” environmental and social consequences not only for Maroussi and Halandri, but also for all neighboring areas.

“It is a great success of the Municipality of Halandri, which was the only municipality that appealed to the CoS, as well as of all the collectives and citizens’ movements that opposed the transfer of the casino,” the municipality said in a statement.