Open road not wide enough for boy driver

An adventurous, if foolish, 12-year-old boy had his bid for independence cut short when he drove his father’s car into a parked police vehicle a short drive from his home near Preveza, reports said yesterday. The child, who has not been named, set off secretly in his father’s car on Thursday from the family’s house in the village of Tyria, northwestern Greece, to visit his aunt in Athens, some 430 kilometers away. The youngster managed to cover 40 kilometers along the Preveza-Ioannina highway before crashing into three parked cars, one a police vehicle, outside the Preveza police station. Nobody was hurt. Officers found several road maps and an amount of cash in his possession. The child was collected from the police station by his father, who reportedly said he would be more careful about where he left his car keys in the future.