Poll shows parties fail to please electorate

Following the country’s successful staging of the August Olympics, disillusionment with both major parties is once again overtaking Greeks, according to a new poll conducted on behalf of Skai Radio and Kathimerini. The nationwide phone survey, undertaken by VPRC pollsters on November 1-2 – before the controversial recognition, by the US, of FYROM under the name «Republic of Macedonia» – showed that fewer than one in two respondents was happy with either ruling New Democracy or with PASOK. Some 57 percent said they were not satisfied with the conservative government’s handling of affairs, while 36 percent expressed satisfaction. The Socialist main opposition party fared even worse, with the satisfaction level standing at a mere 18 percent, compared to 76 percent who said they were unhappy with PASOK. Questioned on the perceived differences between the two parties that have governed Greece since the restitution of democracy in 1974, most respondents said they found it hard to distinguish between ND and PASOK policies. Some 57 percent saw minor or no differences, while 37 percent spoke of great or considerable differences. Nevertheless, when respondents were invited to choose between Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and opposition leader George Papandreou for the politician best suited to run the country, the ND leader won hands down. Some 53 percent named Karamanlis, while Papandreou was selected by 25 percent. A further 12 percent said neither man was fit for the job.