Some Greeks are glum at gay Alexander film

The leader of the ultraconservative Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) Giorgos Karadzaferis yesterday added his voice to those complaining about homosexual references in the US film «Alexander,» which is about the life of Alexander the Great and is due to have its premiere in the USA tomorrow. «They would not dare shoot a film with similar references about Moses or Solomon,» said Karadzaferis. His objection comes only three days after a group of 25 Greek lawyers, who admitted they had not seen the film, sent an extrajudicial note to Warner Bros film studios and director Oliver Stone demanding they make it clear that the movie is fiction and Alexander did not engage in homosexual acts. Two years ago, a 400-strong crowd invaded an international historical conference in Thessaloniki incensed by the presentation of two papers discussing homosexuality in the court of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great.