YPA says they’re doing their best to deal with situation

What is the response of YPA, which – together with airlines and airport officials – is being targeted by residents and others who have taken legal action? According to YPA’s press office, «International regulations prescribe that after takeoff, an airplane must rise to an altitude of 1,000 feet before turning so as to avoid residential areas. Each aircraft takes a different length of time – according to its load and type – to rise to that altitude. YPA officials monitor flights and, if they observe any problem, they impose fines.» Yet YPA has never imposed a single fine. As for the regular use of the western runway for takeoffs during the day, YPA asserts that the choice is made in line with «weather conditions and the nature of the terrain.» It is interesting to see how those conditions change during the course of the night. As regards the use of that runway after 11 p.m., the officials said: «We do our best.»