Trial-fixing inquiry is expanding

Yet another judge is to face a disciplinary probe following allegations she was involved in a group that systematically perverted the course of justice, court sources said yesterday. The court of first instance judge, whose name was not made public, is the fourth member of the judiciary to be investigated in connection with corruption charges this month, following TV claims that a number of judges, lawyers and one churchman were involved in bribery and trial-fixing. The woman, regarding whose activities a probe has been ordered by Supreme Court chief judge Giorgios Kapos, is suspected of having favored archimandrite Iakovos Yiossakis in two separate cases. Yiossakis is suspected of having been a middleman in the alleged corruption ring, dealing with the release of convicted drug dealers. He has been disciplined by the Church of Greece, and charged with breaches of the law on antiquities trading. Court of first instance judge Tonia Ilia is also being investigated in connection with the irregular release of 30 suspected drug dealers.