Capital’s buses on the move

The first step toward decongesting the center of Athens by moving most of the terminuses for 35 different local bus routes, which were concentrated around a single street, was taken by the government yesterday. Currently, the buses begin their journeys to various parts of the city from Academias Street, and a surrounding block in downtown Athens. According to plans unveiled by Transport Minister Michalis Liapis, 27 of the departure points will be dispersed to nearby streets such as Stadiou. The project will be implemented in two phases and is due to be completed by October. The aim of the initiative is to free up busy Academias and its side roads from scores of waiting buses, helping the flow of traffic and making life easier for pedestrians. Liapis said that a beneficial side effect of the scheme is that it provides for the pedestrianization of Rigas Feraios Street, allowing the areas around the Athens University and Academy to be linked up. This, however, is a decision that falls within the remit of the Public Order Ministry.