Helios engineers not afraid

While Greek air crash investigators were due to arrive in London last night to interview two British engineers who worked on the Helios airliner the night before it crashed, one of the technicians told a UK newspaper that there was nothing wrong with the Boeing 737. Akrivos Tsolakis and his team are due to question engineers Alan Irwin and Malcolm Fowler today at the British Air Accident Investigation Branch in Farnborough, Hampshire, amid allegations that they left the doomed plane’s pressurization switch in the wrong position after conducting tests. However, Irwin told the Sunday Times newspaper that the engineers «have nothing to hide; they have no worries.» «The aircraft that were out there… were absolutely first-class, very good airplanes,» he said. Irwin and Fowler left Cyprus days after the accident and after questioning by the local police. Cypriot Transport Minister Haris Thrasou had said they left the island for «safety reasons» but Irwin told the newspaper this was not the case and that he would soon return to work at Helios.