Kurds in huge bank swindle

A ring of Kurds believed to have swindled more than 500,000 euros from a series of bank branches in Attica by using forged documents to procure loans was broken yesterday following the arrest of three suspected members, police said. The ring members are believed to have convinced fellow Kurds to apply for bank loans, providing them with forgeries of the necessary documents for the applications. The applicants were promised a percentage of the sum which would eventually be granted, according to police. Acting on a tip-off, officers caught the three Kurds red-handed as they were about to cash an approved loan in a bank in the northern Athenian suburb of Maroussi. They subsequently discovered several official stamps, passports and numerous forged documents in an apartment in the district of Neos Cosmos which the ring is believed to have been using as a forgery workshop. Police are seeking another three men in connection with the ring and believe that the total sum defrauded could be much higher.