Trio stole credit for online bets

Police said yesterday they had arrested three men in Thessaloniki suspected of stealing tens of thousands of euros through electronic fraud in order to pay off losses from Internet gambling. The three men – aged 41, 40 and 24 – allegedly played Internet betting games using credit card details stolen from at least 120 victims. The stolen details were given to betting agencies based in Austria, Cyprus and Malta. The 24-year-old suspect had been appointed the task of stealing credit card bills from mailboxes, police said. The men would then send a scanned version of a forged identification card that appeared to belong to their victim to validate the transaction with the betting agencies. Charges to credit cards ranged from 500 to 3,000 euros. Any gains were deposited in a separate bank account. Police are continuing investigations as they suspect more people and much larger amounts of stolen money could be involved in the operation, which started last