‘Priceless knowledge, expertise’

A shining example of a successful «river agreement» through the NetWet 2 program involves the case of Lombardy in northern Italy. Its unfolding is being watched with great interest by foreign partners. In the area’s river basins, serious pollution had developed due to industrial activities. Local agencies banded together, including 78 municipalities, three regions, the principal manager of the river basin of Padmos and the regional services that protect the environment. They intended to support scientific agencies which were drafting a series of measures, through the «river agreement,» to better the quality of the water. «As we see how are our neighbors and partners take on problems similar to the ones we are facing, our horizons are expanded,» said Dionysios Klaudianos, the president of TEDK in Zakynthos. «Because we understand that we can take action and work together – and we can also push. Our participation in the consortium of Greek and foreign universities supplies us with priceless knowledge and expertise.»