Police ring in changes at the top

Two out of three major generals in the Greek Police (ELAS) were sacked yesterday in the continuation of a shake-up at the top levels of the force which has been instigated by new Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras. Of 21 major generals in ELAS, 14 lost their jobs after a four-hour meeting of the police promotions board. Those sacked held the third-highest rank on the force after the chief and deputy chief of the police. The changes are part of a drive by Polydoras to renew the upper ranks of the force. Lieutenant General Anastassis Dimoschakis was named as the new head of ELAS on Tuesday in the most significant change of the week. One of the major generals expected to be fired yesterday was Stelios Syros, the superintendent for northern Greece. But Syros was in fact promoted to deputy chief of police. Efstratios Kyriakakis was named the new head of the Police General Staff. The board also fired 18 brigadiers from their posts yesterday and promoted 16 to major general.