Homing in on phone tappers

The name of the owner of a landline that was used to repeatedly call one of the mobile phones involved in the phone-tapping scandal is known to the watchdog investigating the matter, sources told Kathimerini yesterday. The Communications Privacy Protection Authority (ADAE) has also found that a mobile phone on the Cosmote network called the same «shadow» phone and the OTE landline a number of times between June 2004 and March 2005, sources said. This is believed to be a major lead in ADAE’s probe as it indicates a strong connection between the owners of the two phones and the eavesdroppers. Investigators have also discovered that a third mobile phone, on the Vodafone network, repeatedly called several of the phones used to listen in on conversations from more than 100 mobile phones, including the prime minister’s. ADAE is hoping that these findings will help its officials pick up other trails that may have been left behind by the eavesdroppers.