Voting rights for migrants

Foreigners living in Greece with long-term residence permits will be able to vote in the local elections which will follow this October’s vote, Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said yesterday. Pavlopoulos said that migrants who are not from European Union countries would be able to vote in the next local elections, which will be held in four years, as long as they have the appropriate permit. Foreigners from EU countries can vote in the upcoming elections. The minister had been briefing the Cabinet about the progress of preparations for elections on October 15 which will see mayors and prefects voted into power around Greece. He said the ministry had ensured everything is in place for the smooth conduct of the ballot. Meanwhile, the minister laughed off suggestions that the government could also call a snap general election for October 15. Pavlopoulos said that the ruling conservatives had no intention of calling early elections. New Democracy was voted into power in March 2004.