More policing and traffic crossing supervisors

The new school year will usher in an intensified effort by the Greek police force (ELAS) to ensure a safe environment at and around schools. Early tomorrow, scores of traffic police will be checking school buses. Last year, inspections of 32,103 school buses uncovered 1,857 infringements, the most blatant committed by a travel agency which hired out buses with false engine numbers and license plates to schools. Police have called on parents to report cases where school buses are not in good condition or lack sufficient seats, as well as when children are not wearing seat belts. Schools are asked to notify the police of school excursions so that officers can inspect buses and patrol dangerous stretches of highway. ELAS also wants parents and teachers to help patrol the areas around schools. There will be regular patrols of school grounds and supervision of nearby squares and gardens and the number of schools with crossing supervisors will rise from 782 to 1,287.