Scam sucks in tens of businesses

Police said yesterday they arrested three men in northern Greece accused of buying millions of euros’ worth of agricultural produce, soft drinks and cars using dud checks in a scam that involved tens of businesses. The suspects, aged 46, 38 and 35, are believed to have bought large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetable products using the checks and would then sell the purchased items at a reduced price. Fruit producers, banks, soft-drink companies and other businesses are believed to have been taken in by the three men, who sought victims from all over Greece in the last seven months. Police said they traced the men after they visited their storage facilities in Kilkis, northern Greece, and Thessaloniki where large amounts of livestock feed and beverages were being stored, apparently about to be sold. Using a fake company based in Piraeus as a front, the suspects had also managed to obtain 73 cars from a car dealership in Corfu, western Greece. Authorities managed to trace 11 of the cars purchased.