Kyrkos is still a man of action

Some on the Left say the Greek middle class has never had an awareness of nationhood. I don’t agree. What about the concept of the nation? It makes me very emotional. When our national basketball team was winning in Japan and they played our national anthem, I stood up. I had tears in my eyes. What was your greatest mistake? I was too late in realizing that socialism in Eastern Europe was accompanied by the oppression of the people. I blame myself for that. Have you ever felt despair? Never. Living life on the Left strengthens you. During those 12 years or internment, I saw the unbelievable beauty of collective living. People are formed and validated within society. What is your greatest dream? To die with dignity. To see my children flourish. And in politics, to see that cooperation that I mentioned come about. In summing up, are you proud of what you have done? Yes, because throughout my life I have continued to struggle. I have not been an observer, an onlooker. I was present in all the major developments. (1) This interview appeared in the October 15 edition of K, Kathimerini’s color supplement.