Minister prods law enforcers

Public Order Minister Vyron Polydoras yesterday questioned the effectiveness of the Greek police, asking why known culprits that have attacked targets with firebombs have yet to be arrested, while at the same time stressing that he supports the country’s law enforcers. In an interview published in Sunday’s Kathimerini, Polydoras said that he expected results in the fight against self-styled anarchists who regularly target politicians’ offices or foreign businesses with improvised explosive devices. «I have confidence in the leadership and officers (of the police) and also expect results. This is expected by Greek society,» he said. «Of course I set goals and expect results and ask those in charge about the lack of results. Can’t they apprehend a single person when cameras capture him using a firebomb? I feel that there is a lack of information,» the minister added. The Public Order Ministry has faced heavy criticism recently over a spate of attacks on police stations and guard posts by suspected anarchists, in which the authorities appear to have been caught off guard. No arrests have been made following the incidents. Critics accuse the police of being poorly trained and incapable of tracking down suspects. The minister denied that law enforcers were thinking of using snipers and heavily armed special guards to patrol central Athens trouble spots as a way of reducing street violence. «The ministry’s instructions envisage a higher level of preparedness at police stations and the doubling of staff at guard posts. Under no circumstances will there be Rambo-type scenes,» he said. «We are examining the possibility of using paint bullets or rubber bullets against demonstrators or hooligans, if this is considered necessary,» the minister clarified..