Vengeful cleric faces charges

A cleric who is alleged to have firebombed the car of a neighbor he suspected of having an affair with his wife is to face a Thessaloniki court, it was revealed yesterday. The unnamed priest, who serves in a small village in Halkidiki, allegedly started by leaving notes for his neighbor, threatening to destroy his car. According to police, the cleric subsequently planted a Molotov cocktail bomb under the neighbor’s car, causing significant damage. The priest is also alleged to have tampered with the brakes of the vehicle but the neighbor noticed the problem before getting behind the wheel. The victim, who owns a local grocery store, told police that he had originally suspected business rivals as being behind the attacks. The priest’s cover was blown when he allegedly visited his neighbor’s store with his two sons and accused him of having an affair with his wife. He now faces charges of causing an explosion, attempted grievous bodily harm, repeatedly damaging property and intimidation.