Venizelos hits back in contest

PASOK leadership candidate Evangelos Venizelos said yesterday that his party needs «a different type of leader» as he sought to revitalize his campaign, which appears to have been flagging in recent days. Venizelos was speaking in the Peloponnesian city of Argos, the latest stop on his tour of the country ahead of the leadership ballot on November 11. In an attack on the leadership of George Papandreou, Venizelos said that PASOK had to «make the most of all our members who can express our views in Parliament, in the mass media and to the people.» Speaking to a gathering of mayors and other local authority officials in Athens, Papandreou said that if re-elected he would be committed to «changing a political system that manipulates political powers and local authorities.» «I know there are interests that would rather we did not make any changes,» added Papandreou. Meanwhile, the third candidate, Costas Skandalidis, said he was confident he would get enough votes to take the ballot to a second round on November 18.