Archbishop on way back home

Archbishop Christodoulos is tomorrow to board a flight to Athens from Miami, Florida, where he has been since late August, awaiting a liver transplant operation that was called off after doctors found his cancer had spread. Christodoulos is to continue treatment in Athens, based on the recommendations of the US doctors who have been monitoring his condition over the past weeks. On Sunday, the archbishop is to attend a service at Athens Cathedral. It will be his first appearance there since June, when his health complications were diagnosed. Certain members of the Holy Synod are said to have expressed their concerns regarding Christodoulos’s ability to handle the demands of his position. But sources told Kathimerini that the archbishop intends to preside over the next session of the Holy Synod. On Monday evening, Christodoulos hosted a farewell dinner in Miami to express his thanks to the doctors and well-wishers who supported him during his stay in the USA.